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— the nationwide conference on software quality

8th edition: June 28-29


About conference

Quality Excites (QE) is a Polish nationwide conference on software quality, dedicated to the professionals who use the newest technologies and the best practices.
Among the QE participants are Quality Assurance engineers, QA testers, developers, project managers and software designers. The popularity of QE is not only represented by the growing number of speakers and participants. The third year in a row, Quality Excites took 1st place in the voting for the best testing events in Poland, within the category of free conferences.

The 8th edition of the event is ahead of us. Quality Excites has always been devoted to software quality, and up to now, we have focused merely on the topics aimed at Quality Assurance engineers. But it’s time for a change! This year you can take part in the edition dedicated to software quality developed from the very start of a project.

In short, Quality Excites agenda will include a software development path!

A leitmotiv of this year’s edition is “different paths towards quality”. We believe that customer satisfaction and business service are the overall goals of any team in the IT industry. One of the elements which has a direct impact on them is quality itself.

Quality excites us!

Today, with the number of Quality Excites attendees growing year by year, we are convinced that the idea accompanying us from the event’s very first edition is right and that the topics covered during the conference are necessary and valuable.

Quality Excites takes months of preparations and intense work of enthusiasts and experts in their fields always willing to dispute and expand their horizons. Curiosity and ambition to create ‘more and better’ are reflected in the high-quality IT projects realised down to the smallest detail.


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