Future Processing

Since the beginning, Future Processing (FP), the company from Gliwice, Poland, is responsible for organizing the Quality Excites conference. Founded in 2000, FP specializes in producing the software of the highest quality. FP’s mission statement is “Great software… because we put People first” . It is based on company’s values that include quality, development, passion and commitment, atmosphere and team spirit. All the above transform into valuable initiatives.

About Future Processing

FP has been developing its competencies in the realm of Machine Learning for years by successfully implementing its knowledge into such areas as medical imaging, supervising the quality of production, co-creating smart cities. One of the company’s projects is Cardio4D, a computational platform, which aims to increase the efficiency of medical imaging in case of patients with ischemic heart disease.

FP is also one of three Silesian companies creating the FP Space consortium. Its aim is, among others, to build the Intuition-1 satellite with the most powerful on-board computer and advanced tools serving for Earth observation, and to support the construction of the 4th Polish satellite PW-Sat2.

The company is also the organizer of the international programming marathon Deadline24, the programming conference Future Dev Day, and the series of lectures and workshops known as Dobre Praktyki Tworzenia Oprogramowania.

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